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Originally Posted by tomcarman View Post
Here's one idea: Supposing one didn't have to totally rely on a recharging station, but rather had a small Briggs and Stratton type engine that would automatically start and recharge your battery enroute as needed.

You'll surprised but that's how some people in Russia drive Teslas - with a small gas-powered gen in the trunk. The problem is that charging stations are very rare, and if you you have to drive in heavy traffic while it's dark, cold and snowing, you'll get whopping 10 miles on a full charge LOL It's a real story of my friend who owns Tesla. A lot of energy is spent warming the battery, heating the cabin and operating lights, wipers and sound system. That's why the electobuses that city of Moscow is starting to use have a small diesel engine to heat the cabin and warm the batteries.
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