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Default Re: Model A with T mods or Model T with A mods ??

Hotrodfil - That is a handsome Touring T - A. Thanks for posting. Maybe we can call it a "Ford Model T super" instead ☺.

J Franklin -
one lemonade please. But seriously, I get your point. It is in fact sentimental to me, because my dad bought it off his third cousin like decades ago, and it was my everyday car when I was in my thirties. Thanks !

May I ask what your basis was for it being based on the 28-29 A, instead of the later one ? I assume you were referring only to the chassis ? You are right about the jeep-ney fabricators, and that's with no real special tools on hand. I did post maybe several pics of doors and latches earlier on in this thread (the one with only a single pic / post, since I just learned how to post 7 pics / post last night. I will get some more of the doors sometime today. And thanks for responding.

Everyone - I will try to get one wheel off to check out the drum and open it up, which might be difficult, given its been sitting in an open air garage for about 20 years now in this tropical climate.
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