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Default Re: Model A with T mods or Model T with A mods ??

Joe K - Thanks for your reply. "Frankencar" is probably an accurate description of this car for most Model A or antique car owners. But in this country, where there are likely not more than 5 or so Model A's and only 2 known Model T's, even a "Frankencar" is appreciated. You would have to be pretty well off importing either car over here, since you could easily be paying 3 times what its worth after customs and duties... Reminds me of some 1970's jeep (that I read about) in the early 80's that had a Ferrari 308 engine in it, hence it was called a Jerrari. Although I personally would prefer a relatively original A or T, but that's what we have right now, so...

Charlie Stephens - yes, Thanks, I will give it a try. I will also try to get a shot of the rear end, just a problem of space right now.

Anyone else ?
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