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Default Re: 52 v8 flathead heater

That is the same valve used in my car, mounted in the right head. Some times it is helpful to see the whole system you are working with on a single page. Make sure your radiator is full to the point of being over full. Does your heater fan work? (if not by the dash controls, you could always run a couple of jumper wires from the battery over to the heater fan motor) If so do you feel heat coming from the heater once the engine is warm. Since the valve has been bypassed, the heat controls on the dash have no function, other than turn on and off the fan. I would guess if the heater in the car is not leaking in the car, then it is possible it still may be viable.

Disconnect both hoses, to and from the heater and back flush, with the garden hose, per flatford8's suggestion, would be a bad idea. If nothing else it will confirm water flow through the heater core, and eliminate one more possible issue.

You mentioned: "My valve is attached to the right inner fender". Has the hole in the top of the head been blocked? If you have a vacuum source, you can the check if the valve still works.
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