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Default Re: 52 v8 flathead heater

Originally Posted by artron9 View Post
I bypassed the heater control valve to isolate it from the circulating system. I did this by coupling the two hoses that go to the valve. I figure this will complete the cycle. However, even though the feed hose to the heater core was warm, I don't think the water was circulating through the heater core since the exit tube was cool.
Do you think the heater core is toast? Is there any remedy besides replacement? Am I missing something here or am I on the right track? Maybe the valve function is necessary to allow the water to circulate through the core?
You can try running water (garden hose) through the heater core in the opposite direction it flows normally. If you see any debris the heater core should probably be taken out and have a good cleaning. All the coolant is the from the radiator so if there is debris in the heater the rest of the cooling system may need to be cleaned also....we definitely need heat up here now!!.....Mark
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