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Default Re: '33 tire cover outer band

Hello to southern france. As you might remember, my 33 (identified by David R. as VERY late 33, with some 34 features, and a Canadian built RHD) was originally green.
Since the green on my car did not match 'vineyard' green, David said the 33 green was (is) darker, same as used on 32 (I think that's what he said.)
I'd say that the shade of green you show is much lighter, and the green on my 33 is VERY dark.
Obviously, just opinion. Bob

(Edit... Didn't your car come from the usa? I think I learned, somewhere along the way, that usa tire covers are quite different from rhd covers? I'm guessing that you have shown a European cover?)
(I collected multiple owners manuals. There seem to be multiple variations. One that I have is copyright 1933, and it says "Ford Motor Company" on the bottom of the front cover, where yours says "Ford SAF xxxx". Mine also says "112 Inch Wheelbase", where yours says "Model V8-40".)

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