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Default Re: 1935 Ford Pickup Transmission hard to get into reverse! HELP!

You could have a couple problems going on there in the shifter housing. The small detent caps on the detent spring will eventually wear through the steel and start to hang up. The spring and two detent caps are available new. It’s also possible that your shifter housing has the early type forks along with the pressed steel center bracket between the two shifter rails. The bracket is designed to guide the lever into each fork....the bracket often is badly worn. By 1935 Ford had changed the design of the forks and eliminated the bracket so I wouldn’t have expected to see the earlier parts in the 35 tower, but you never know what might have been swapped into the transmission.

Lastly, we have seen a few bent levers over the years, which caused difficulties shifting the transmission. The 1932-35 levers have a slight bend in the stub end which may be deceiving. It’s when they are bent beyond the design profile that problems occur. Generally, you’d have trouble shifting into 2nd and high gears too if the lever is bent. You’d really need a known good 32-35 lever to compare the profile though.
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