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Default Re: Starter armature, is it good?

Whem using a growler there is another test that is rarely mentioned, a output test, it's not as dramatic on a starter as a generator, the growler induces a alternating magnetic field, it can be measured as ac amps and each bar / winding can be checked, with a generator 10-20 amps, but with starter it is 2-5 amps, this will show the connections of the windings to the commutator

The Ford starter has hard copper brushes with high spring tension, this will wear the mica at about the same rate as the commutator bars, there are also starters with copper/carbon (much softer) brushes, these commutators are undercut

the original posters armature appears to be good in the commutator area, it has been turned, and though the turning wasn't carried all the way across it looks to good enough

I looked for a you tube video, but didn't find what I wanted, guess it is one I should make
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