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Default Re: Starter armature, is it good?

You can't really tell without a "growler."

As far as the commutator itself goes, yours is not bad. It could stand to be "undercut" - which you can do approximately with an X-acto knife and being sure to not leave sharp edges at each segment. But a problem might be in the wiring which goes between segments. If one of these is grounded, you can't really tell from looking.

A "Growler" is basically the magnetic part of a transformer. You put 120VAC into the growler side, and if there is a short, the coil acts as secondary circuit. A growler typically is used with a thin piece of metal - think thickness gauge. You hold this in your hands and between poles of the armature going around pole by pole. And if the 60hz "buzz" is felt by the thin metal, that particular pole is "shorted."

More at

If you go all the way around turning the armature in the jaws of the growler and holding the metal and no attraction is felt, then you have a good starter armature.

They may have a growler tester at AutoZone.

A dead segment is not a death knell - the starter may still work, but tend to "hang up" and not start at certain spots. If you can move it with your fingers, you might get it to go.

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