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Default Re: Mac's on Ebay

It never ceases to amaze me as to how incompetent and plainly stupid are so many of these online / eBay sellers and dealers. They continue to carelessly list erroneous information without any thought of how much damage is being done to their sales.

When I first saw Model A Ford parts listed on eBay by MAC's, I too was put-off by the first page "broadcast" shipping costs. As it turns out, MAC's shipping is the lowest cost deal around. Have placed three orders for parts with MAC's via eBay within the past couple of months. The bigger parts such as two wheel well panels being shipped via FedEx cost under $8. The small screw, nut, hardware order was FREE shipping. A big five foot long tube mailed front metal molding piece and separate sent parts order also cost under $8 complete.

With MAC's and probably other sellers on eBay, the true shipping cost for reference sake can be found in the Shopping Cart section.

Also, in general, I for one do not buy from parts suppliers online. Their overwrought buyer registration process is far too intrusive and bothersome. Made the mistake of signing up with one online seller and making a purchase only to be constantly bombarded with multiple daily Email spam. There seems to be no way to shut it off either. As it works, if possible, eBay is easier and mostly cheaper.

Good luck . . .
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