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Default Re: QUICK - 1930 Fordor Body Wood Condition Check?

A friend of mine restored number of Model A cars & pickups including a Murray body 29 fordor. He saved this car for last because he knew it was going to be the most difficult that he would ever do. It was his fathers car so it had a lot of sentimental value to him and his family. The sheet metal has to be carefully removed since there are a lot of tacks and screws that hold the structure together. His sheet metal was in excellent shape and all the fittings were good but the wood had rotted pretty badly. He purchased a kit (it was so long ago I can't remember who from). Some of it fit well and some of it didn't but he had the tooling & skill set to be able to fabricate correct fitting pieces for those that didn't fit well and thankfully it was only a few parts. He got the sheet metal to fit like a glove and his shimming was relatively minimal to adjust the body for cowl and door fit. I think he had about two years of nights & weekends invested in the work but it really came out nice. He used the modern glues and wood finishes to make it last better and of course, it will always have a place indoors. He passed away a few years back and left it to his son. Thankfully he is as interested in model A Fords as much as his father was.

The coupes and open cars may be more popular but the fordors are downright elegant for their time. They certainly take longer and are more expensive to restore but they are worth it to me. Ford didn't produce as many fordors as they did other models with a few exceptions so they aren't commonly seen at rallies and shows but there are some nice ones out there.
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