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Default Re: A new video for the new year. Vintage Buma boring machine running!

Thanks for the replies, fellas.

The motor does not have a capacitor, I will try and get access to the centrifugal switch. I think it uses a starter winding. I'm no expert on electric motors, but have found some info online.

Murre, I do not have any hold down parts. I think the cost of shipping from Sweden may be prohibitive. I was going to make up a clamping system as the next part of the project. From what I have seen of the Buma parts (photos only) there is not anything fancy or trick about them, just a central threaded stud with a cross piece that holds across the bottom of the adjacent bore, with a plate and nut at the top. Thanks for asking though.

The motor investigation will make another little video subject, as will the clamping parts, I guess.

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