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Default A new video for the new year. Vintage Buma boring machine running!

I just edited up a new video. It's a vintage Buma boring machine, running for the first time in heaven knows how long.

I've been working on this over the last few weeks, just trying to get it back into serviceable condition. The lower bearing was quite bad so I bought some new bearings and got those fitted. I bought a left hand lathe tool and modified it to fit. I used my Elliott milling machine which is always a pleasure.

Apologies for the lighting, I have inserted some still shots to try and show what I was waffling on about. So why not spend 5 mins quality time with me in the garage?

If you enjoy it please hit the like button and subscribe if you feel so inclined. Comments are welcome too.

If anyone has experience operating such a machine, I would be interested in any hints and tips that can be shared.


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