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Default Re: 1939- 1940 Ford brake + clutch petal assy

Originally Posted by blucar View Post
Several people have responded already with info that the '39 peddle assembly is the only direct bolt-in assembly for mechanical to hydraulic brake conversions.

Actually, the '39 pedals are NOT a DIRECT bolt-in, but they are the closest thing going for a '35 or '36 Ford. Below, you will find a PDF file which you can click-on and open with a template to use on your '36 frame to drill 3 holes, in the optimum location...….USE IT! It seems the general instructions were to index the template by using the BOTTOM, REAR-MOST hole in your frame as the one you DO NOT re-drill. Some say that using that hole to index places the pedals in the wrong spot with reference to the wooden floorboard. I've seen pictures where the owner used the TOP REAR frame hole to index the template to, and everything fits fairly well.

By using the CHEAPER '40-type pedals, there's no realistic way to operate the clutch release arm on your '36 transmission without a whole bunch of extra fabrication/engineering. Hope this helps ya somewhat. DD


The picture below shows the connection between the '39-ONLY pedal and the clutch release arm on the transmission. '40 pedals won't have this provision.

Below is a picture of the one "38bill" did using the TOP, REAR hole to index the template. Looks good to me!


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