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Default Re: Value of a 1940...

Originally Posted by 41panelmark View Post
I am sure this has been tossed around a bit before but I have not had a need to know it until now. I am considering purchasing a 1940 2 door sedan deluxe that has been fully restored.

How does one find out what the value of something like this would be?

Now I understand that the word "restored" can mean a lot of things so I am guessing that there are some guidelines for this also.

thank you in advance.
IF you have pictures of the one you are looking at, you could always post them here, there are "several" qualified eyes on here for advice.....AND the asking price as well, you will find what you want to know, quickly!!!! I will also say there are a few here that when "they" speak on a 1940 its everything you will want to know from extremely knowledgeable minds on 1940 Fords
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