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Default Re: Transmission Seal Kit Question

If you're talking the gasketed "cover" which covers the end of the reverse idler shaft and cluster gear shaft, then no draining is required. The cover simply bolts on in place of the "keeper bar" which holds the two shafts in place.

It does change the external appearance.

If you're talking the reverse and cluster shaft fitted with "o-ring grooves" then yes, you'll have to dismount, drain, disassemble and reassemble 50 percent of the transmission. And while you're at it you'll probably want to check on those needle bearings on the cluster gear shaft.

But the seal is permanent, non-visible, and contained within the transmission shaft holes themselves. AND the cluster shaft CAN have a seal at both ends. (The front remains unsealed with the cover option.)

I have done both ways. I prefer the o-ring modification. The cover/gasket CAN leak slightly as it is only pressed metal and can distort slightly. Mine did not leak either back cover or front.

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