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Default What I Did on My Lunch Hour

Working from home certainly has its benefits, not the least of which is, I get to work/play in the garage on my lunch hourÖ As you know, if you read my postings, the Zephyr developed a knocking noise coming from the transmission a week or so ago. My worst fear is that something in the transmission let go however, upon closer inspection, I donít think that is the case. Iím hoping that the problem lies in the clutch and its related parts. At lunch, I started to disassemble the interior so that we could take a good look. I got everything out, that needed to come out, to give access to the transmission.

I got the car up on the lift and thatís as far as I got.

Tomorrow Mike, Don and maybe a few other ďBarnerísĒ are coming over to work/play so I hope weíll at least be able to isolate and identify the problem.
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