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Default Re: Gas tank seeping.

It kinda is a shame the Model A gas tank is where and what it is.Before I get chastised let me explain.As the Model A is in its 90th year to me it seems the only thing that will hold it back for another ninety or mayby even 50 more years is metal fatique in the fuel tanks.This would be a great item to reproduce or even come up with some sort of a replacement but I doubt anyone will want to invest in the project as it could even be a legal nightmare. Reproducing a tank that was deemed unsafe almost 90 years ago,even somesort of plastic tank with a steel dash and cowl the new manufacturer would most likely be liable in an accident that mirrored one years ago. Point has been seen just recently with early Mustang fuel tanks,the fuel tank that was actually the trunk floor.Lawsuits against Ford in rear end accidents in 1965-66 Mustangs that were restored went to go against the restorer and the tank reproductions even though the original design was Fords.I still only have one worry about my '31 Ford future and that is the gas tank,mainly though it is how am I going to match up the color. I do have some first had knowledge about aforementioned Mustang rear end damage.I was sitting at a stop light in my brand new 1965 Ford Mustang with for sale signs on it,(Vietnam) and was hit full bore by a Comet Caliente,55mph in a 35 zone. crunched flat all the way to the rear window,no explosion.
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