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Default '40 Ford interior questions update from 4-23

I trailered the '40 to the trim shop 3 weeks ago and will bring it home this Wednesday with a beautiful new interior, thanks in part to some of you!
What I have left to do is re-assemble the door garnishes. These were completely dis-assembled several years ago so the garnishes and wing vent frames could be chromed, and that meant removing all the rivets. The problem is I am not sure what direction some of the rivets should be installed or their correct size. What's more confusing are the rivets I received with the wing vent rubber and vent handle rebuild kits don't seem right.

Sooo, is there a correct rivet set (and/or correct sizes) with instructions available for the garnishes?
This would include the wing vent pivot post, lever bracket, upper hinge half, and garnish wing rubber, lever lock and upper hinge half.
I ordered some 9/64" and 5/32' tubular steel rivets that were in stock but know I need more.
Any help here would be really appreciated. Thanks.
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