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Default Re: Steering / Tie Rod Conundrum

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Originally Posted by ursus View Post
To clarify, I started screwing in the tie rod with 2 turns on the left hand threaded end on the passenger side then screwed in the right hand threaded end into the driver side. Tom Endy says to turn the backing plates outward at the rear before starting the first end into the spindle arm ball socket and that is what I did.

I guess the key is the actual alignment of both wheels when starting. If both wheels are not pointing in the same direction at the start then the end result will be out of alignment. Turning the backing plates outward at the start seems to lack a clear reference point. I wonder if turning them inward to contact the spindle pin nut will provide a consistent reference point for each side?

This can't be all that complicated and I do need to get both wheels tracking in the same direction be fore setting the toe-in. Thanks!!

No you don't.
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