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Default Re: Fan came apart!!

Originally Posted by Lee Mitch View Post
Thanks John. I thought it was modified, but not certain. It was mounted to the front of the alternator on a very small belt pulley. I think that was the problem as it was maybe 2" in diameter, turning the fan much too fast. This is just a guess, as I have never seen what a correct one should look like.
Actually improperly mounting of fan blades to hub, and the increase in fan speed when mounted the assembly to the smaller diameter alternator pulley, could have both contributed to cause of failure. Also, the front bearing in an alternator was not necessarily designed to carry the additional load of having a fan mounted to its pulley. Some folks get away with doing these types of fan mountings, while others experience unfortunate catastrophic failures. I am very sorry to see what happened to your nice looking '39 pu truck.

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