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Default Re: 1932 "survivoration"

Good morning, all. I appreciate all of the comments . . . and I do mean all of them. I consider the fact that we all have our own opinions to be a good thing.

With regards to building something of value . . . I believe I am doing just that. Value to me, for sure. But I also contend that I'm building something with monetary value, as well. To be clear, the choice for doing a "survivoration" was made for personal enjoyment reasons, and not for monetary investment reasons.

However, I wouldn't be too quick to assume that I'm making a bad investment choice. As mentioned, the car is very rare . . . and that is true no matter what. I also feel like there are a growing number of people who really appreciate the story, and history, of the things they buy, or simply enjoy seeing. This car will feature the 11th set of wooden doors, made in 1932. They are solid, they function fine, and they've been there and done that. You feel that when you look at them. The man I bought them from cared enough to keep them around, even after having a brand new body built for his car. And btw, his car is beautiful! I feel like I'm honoring him by giving those doors a new purpose. I don't know the build number of my car, but it's early - like the doors - and it shares the same original leftover '31 paint color that car #11 had.

So, to monetary investment - again, it's not driving my choices - but . . .

A fully restored 1932 Woodie would be worth what, maybe 60-80k? I honestly don't know as much as many of you about this, but I think I'm in the ballpark. A new body would cost 40k+? That doesn't leave a lot of room to buy it, source parts, and refinish everything.

My car might not bring 60k, but I'm betting I'd have a better net gain. Say there are 100 buyers who prefer the full restoration, and only 2 who like mine. Truth is . . . you can only sell it once. And because '32s are rare, I'm certain I would be able to connect with one of those 2 people.

Don't give up on me :-) . . . I think as the car takes shape it will seem like a better idea than it might right now, to some folks.

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