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Default Re: 1932 "survivoration"

I've deliberately not restored my 32 Cabriolet . . . the paint has wear and tear on it, the old top is yellow and water stained (still has the "critter" paw prints on it from being a hammock for vermin in the garage for 55 years), the Firestone wire wheels haven't been repainted, the front bumper is old and rusty looking, etc.. I did redo the interior and the drivetrain (though still a flathead). I will say, the old look and feel of it is more attractive to most folks than if I'd restored it. There are a gazillion rep-op 32's out in the world - with nice shiny paint, new chrome and SBCs in them -- you see very few original cars that have "that look" from back in the day.

Also, it is funny how it goes - a car like mine that is kind of a rolling museum is worth more as "it is", than if I'd spent another $30K on new paint, chrome, etc.. But, with that said - the market might just change again . . . so who cares.

I know your wagon is extremely rare - but as long as you're doing what YOU want to do and enjoying yourself - that is truly all that matters. Have fun, get it done . . . drive the heck out of it!
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