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Default Re: Coil for flathead

A friend bought a ‘35 convertible sedan about 10 years ago.
I rebuilt an LB and put in it with a ‘35 distributed with an adapter for a modern coil. 6 volt.
Always had trouble starting it after it was run foe a while.
Would fun very poorly when it got hot. Wouldn’t star if he shut it down.
I got 3 new NAPA coils and tried them but never satisfactory.
Got to where he didn’t trust the car. Usually had to wait about 40 minutes before it would restart.
THEN... he sent a stock coil to Skip.
When he got the coil back he brought the coil and the car to my house. It would not restart.
I replaced most of the exhaust system and changed the coil. Fine.
I drove the car back towards his place in Oakland.
A bout 12 miles and I stopped at a tire shop where they knew me in Oakland and I shut off the car.
After telling the owner why I stopped there I hit the starter button and it STARTED right up.
I drove on to the owner’s house in Piedmont, about 5 miles, shut it down and it started right up!
Now about every 6 or 8 months he calls me to tell me how much he likes that old Ford ever since I put the Skip’s Rebuilt Coil on it. Just loves that car.
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