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Originally Posted by CA Victoria View Post
Just for grins Iím going to check/monitor carb & fuel pump temps after the next run. It runs great in 100 degree temps with air moving over engine, but as mentioned heat radiated/conducted to fuel system is raising the temp causing flooding. This insulator along with my Columbia vac. plate may be the way to go.
You want to check fuel pressure, vapor lock starts with low
pressure from the pump to the carb. 3.5 lbs is good but
when it gets below 3.0 the pressure from the hot gas over
comes the pump pressure. I found a small 6" square
electronic fan blowing down on the pump helps. But the
best thing is to get the engine to run blow 180 degrees and
have 4 lbs fuel pressure cold, this drops as the pump gets hot.
Also make sure the rubber hose is good. G.M.
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