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Default Ford's First Recall...The 1928 Service Brake System

Sometime in Mid-1928 Ford deleted the punched-in brake stops on the back of the center cross member with all vehicles with non-adjustable brake rods.

This lasted for about four months, April thru August 1928 when Ford reinstated the punched-in brake stops on the back of the Center cross member.

Ford soon learned that with these stops removed that the brake equalizer had a habit of falling out of the brake operating shaft and when that happened...guess what? No service brakes.

That being said, Ford more or less "recalled" all those vehicles that had been assembled without the punched-in stops to add A-2476 stop bracket to the inner face of the rear flange of the center cross member. (This is spelled out in the September 6, 1928 Fargo Service letters).

If one were restoring a car, or truck, without these stops, and since this is a "safety" concern, would the MARC/MAFCA Judging Standards committes look down, or judge down, a vehicle where these stops were not originally, if A-2476 was added if it were not there originally?

What say you members of the MARC/MAFCA Judging Standards Committee chairpersons?

Please indicate if you are with the MARC or MAFCA Judging Standards Committee.


Steve Plucker

PS...I am in need of A-2476 if you have one...Thank You.

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