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Default Re: Drive Shaft Shortening

Stude.... glad it all worked out. But, I thought you posted that D/S Specialist is/was closed. Anyway, glad they worked for you, and I'm glad they are still available. Some of my 'rod' buddies (& myself) have used them for MANY years. They did the first D/S for me in the 60's. So, I'm curious... did you measure to see if you found a wheelbase difference, due to the straight spring versus the original 34 curved spring? (and just 'shine-on' a small WB change?) I've seen differing posts on this, and per my own measurements, I came up with maybe as much as 7/8 to 1 inch shorter WB with the 35-up rear end, and some guys have posted that they measure close to zero change in wheel base. Anyway, for your pickup, I'm sure it makes NO difference. Congratulations on having it all worked out. You were pretty down on this, back on post #6.
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