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Default Re: Drive Shaft Shortening

I ended up giving it to Driveshaft Specialist in Monrovia. we will see how he does. I did assemble evrything and actually measure for the the length. I used a 1940 rear reversed eye main leaf 2-1/4 wide and the rest 1940 front leaves 2" wide. the second leaf is the 1940 front reversed eye main leaf with the eyes mostly cut off I left about 10 degrees of the eye so the end of the leaf wont dig into the leaf below it. and threw out every other 2" leaf except i kept all the real short ones so the pack thickness worked out Ok. the spring I used had to clamps all the way around the circumference of the pack with cross bolts. these are located about and inch outside the main holding U-bolts. The only thing I had to grind was about 1/8" off the middle 12" of the front of the 2-1/4" main leaf. the leaves I used had the 1-1/2" diameter polyurethane slider discs which fit into a pocket in the bottom of each end of all the leafs over about 18" long. I glued those into the pockets wit the Indian gasket stickum. this set up fit into the curved stock '34 spring pocket perfectly. It was too low without the 40 front main leaf added in. also this isnt too stiff like a stock 35 rear spring. I will be running fenderless ) no running boards but with the stock bed with the oak under a steel floor. If i need a little stiffer I could use gas shocks. Thanks for tips and being a great group!!!!
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