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Default Re: Drive Shaft Shortening

To post #2, 34 D/S will not work with 35 rear end.
I have used Driveshaft Specialists in Azusa, 1117 W Fthl Blvd, 626-334-2418. It's been maybe 5 or more years since I worked on my 34, so my info might be obsolete. If this does not lead to results, then I would be asking Bill or Mike McGrath at Early Ford Store, San Dimas, 909-305-1953. Or, Richard or Dennis at EV8G, Covina.
Or, you COULD DIY, if you wanted to research how. But, I would try for D/S Specialists first.
(D/S Specialists is very near Costco in Azusa, if that helps you any. Close to the 210)
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