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Default Re: Fuel Tank Purchase

No one has ever reproduced the various model A tanks as far as I am aware. Ford used special equipment to weld them together and they are a part of the structure of the cowl in some cases and have to look original and fit well to make the cars look right.

If it's steel and not too badly corroded, it is repairable. Fuel tanks can be welded by folks that know how to prep them for such repairs. It's only dangerous if they are not properly prepped. Ford made millions of them so they are still out there. The ones with the indented firewall are the ones with the lowest production figures so you have reason to be concerned about the one you have but it can be repaired by a person who specializes in such repairs. Finding a good repairman is difficult but not impossible. I repair my own but I don't repair them for others. There is no way to guarantee results on a 90+ year old fuel vessel.

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