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Default Re: Almost done with restoration but shifting problem, and more.

Wish you were closer, I would fix them all. The shifting is probably you. Have you ever tried shifting without the clutch after getting the car rolling? It is easy and just depends on letting the transmission and engine get syncronized. Try it, just get the car going in first and don't use the clutch. Push slightly forward on the shifter and let off the gas. The shifter will fall out of first and you can push it toward second and when the motor and tranny are in sync it will fall into gear. If it grinds because the motor slowed down too much just rev it up and try again. Once you succeed at this you can shift using the clutch. Just a matter of getting the motor and transmission to the same speed. I have driven cars all over more than one town like this including Tampa,FL in the early 70's.

The radiator problem is one that should be diagnosed by a radiator shop but, you can flush the block at home. Just remove top and bottom hoses and run a hose in the outlet and see what comes out the inlet. You can even wedge the hose in the head outlet and get some pressure into the block.

The leak can be fixed with some JB Weld. Drain the water, and just use some sandpaper to rough up the leak and smear some JB on it and let it dry. Paint it and add the water. If it leaks just do it again.
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