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Default Battery Support Mystery

Bought a repro battery support (advertised to be best one available) for my 31 roadster. I was a bit surprised to find that the "exact reproduction" did not fit. I contacted the supplier and the response was that the battery support sent to me is an exact replica of the original. My first thought then was that someone had drilled new holes in the crossmember and frame. Nope. There is only the one hole in frame and the one hole in the crossmember. The repro support has c/l to c/l dimension between frame mount hole and crossmember stud of 14 7/8". My frame/crossmember holes and existing support has c/l to c/l dimension of 13 3/8" or exactly 1 1/2" difference.

From researching old posts with pictures by Tom Wesenberg on battery support subject, it appears that I have an original support frame. My support frame is in very good condition with no rust. However, the bottom plate has been replaced and is a flat piece without the small trough. I guess the original plate must have rusted or been damaged. At any rate, right now I am inclined to let sleeping dogs lie and keep what I have. However, my curiosity has now been aroused and I wonder why the discrepancy between what I have and the repro.

I also checked to make sure I have a 31 frame. I do. Any thoughts you guys might have would be appreciated.
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