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Default Re: Isky 3/4 Max 1 Camshaft

Originally Posted by 56markII View Post
Ron that would be quite simply fantastic having a thread on camshafts in simpler terms and what they do and do not do👍😊
After searching around for information which isn't always easy to find at least for me it is hard😖 I stumbled upon a pair of Isky
450-811100 and

They mention both of these will work with a stock carburetor with good idle and low to midrange RPM and the 811100 will work good with multiple carbs as well.
They also mention the 811100 will give good "hot rod sound" which puzzles me.
Does this "Hotrod sound" also mean the car will be shaking and bobbing like a Mexican Jumping Bean or will it be totally civilized?
What is my application?
A very stock 1950 Mercury Sport Sedan with a stock 255ci and on it is the larger OEM Holley 885FF that is larger than the wee little 97's and was also used on the much larger Lincoln 337 and numerous much larger truck applications throughout the 50's.
My differential ratio is (unfortunately?) the 4.27:1 mountain (description from OEM parts manual) differential and luckily for me I have the Borg Warner 3 speed/OD otherwise I would be roaring at high revs at 50-60MPH.
My heads are stock but in my hoard I have other more desirable OEM Mercury heads as per claims on the Internet.
My occupation has been a mechanic for almost 40 years but in my case I have always been rebuilding in totally stock form and am considering warming up my Mercury that I have owned since the early 80's.
Hopefully somebody can tell me what I can expect using stock carburation and heads with these Isky's? No I don't want something radical, just warmed up a bit kind of like Ford getting 125HP out of them in the later 255 used up to 1954(we used them in 1954 up here in Canuckastan)
Larry at:
probably has the best website for the beginner to get cam design and use info.

From what you say, I gather you do not want the "hot rod sound", which simply means a rough lopey idle. Several cams available will give you a stock smooth idle and SLIGHTLY improved performance. With what you have for an engine (basically stock) you may not notice any improvement in the seat of pants though.
The stock 53 Ford EA or EAA was the hottest stock cam that came out in the flathead engine. The 77B Isky will be very slightly better while retaining stock idle. Any cam with specs above this will likely be getting into the lopey idle range and will have reduced low rpm performance.

I have been in the cam and racing business for 68 years and have seen that people tend to choose a cam that is too big for their application the first time around.
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