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Default Re: Adjusting Fuel Level in King Seeley Gauge

Originally Posted by glennpm View Post
Hi Ted,

If I add an calibration rod, I must remove some of the red fluid. The volume of the added rod in the reservoir will take the place of an equal volume of fluid if the rod is completely submerged.

Last year I never got above the 5/8" mark when full, Same experience as JimG.

I find it hard to believe that when new the fuel gauge never worked properly.

Mine reads perfectly now but never used to go over 5/8 full.

There are three possible reasons for this and mine had all of them

First problem is if, on the sender in the tank, there is a leak from the top cup then it won't go much above 1/2 full indicated

The second problem is if there are to many calibration rods in the gauge - I removed 6 from mine. With that many rods there isn't enough room for enough fluid to ever read full-I have one rod in mine now and as I say reads perfectly

The other think which I believe is relevant is that the aftermarket tank needs an adaptor to use the original fuel gauge I think that this lifts the sender higher and hence you don't get a full indication. I fixed this by getting an old rusted out original tank and cutting the gauge mounting part out of it (the top rarely ever rusts ) and welding it into a new tank

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