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Default Re: Adjustment Needle Driver

The driver being the rod which goes from your knob on the right of the dashboard down to and connects to the carburetor GAV?

As far as I know drivers/GAV adjustment rods are drivers/GAV adjustment rods. No distinction to being pinned or unpinned needed.

Perhaps the vendor has found a way to "improve" a known failing of the reproduction rods? Some reproduction rods the knob will "spin" giving the operator a sense they are adjusting the GAV - when they are not.

You could ask your vendor if this is the case? Most vendors are more than willing to describe what they sell in a phone call.

As to use of the GAV, it is common to open it (turn counterclockwise) perhaps one turn on starting. When the engine is warm, it can be closed down to about 1/4 turn open, a little more, a little less depending on your specific carburetor or engine.

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