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Syncro, I assume you are refering to OD ratios.
Depends on which engine was underthe hood. The 302 c i engine had the 26.7% ratio, which in Ford terms was .78 to 1 ratio.
The L-6 (6 cyl) engine had the 37.9% ratio (.72 to 1 ratio) and the 41.1% ratio (.71 to 1)
The large V-8 (large at that time period) had the 41%.
The ratio of OD was directly related to the torque put out by the enging rather than its HP.
In the 20 years I built these OD kits I only built two that did not have the 26.7% OD. Both were 37%. One was used in my speedster due to its beter first and second gear ratio and the other in now in my frieds Tudor.

know nuttin about the T5, cept I dont want one. kenp
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