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Default Re: Rare '40 convertible restoration project

Wow! I didn't realize it's been nearly three months since I've updated this thread.
I have made significant progress.

Some of you may recall that this is a rather rare 40 convertible. Fully documented factory installed Mercury engine with aluminum high compression heads - this car was ordered by a sheriff in Vermont.

The engine is running and sounds like a kitten purring. No leaks I've run the engine through three heat cycles and torqued the heads after each cool down period.
The body is mounted and the gaps are all set as perfectly as I am able to achieve. Even with all of the fitting prior to painting, it seems it's always a pain in the butt to fit after. How can that be? - I ask myself that every time.

The trunk lid fits nicer than any I've ever done previously as well as any I've ever seen.
That took an incredible amount of effort to achieve. It closes and latches under its own weight.

The interior has been completed as well as the top. This is only my fourth (fifth?) top I've ever done. It no doubt takes me much longer than a professional but I'm willing to compare end quality

As soon as I can get a little help installing the hood, I'll get after the front clip soon thereafter. The running boards, rear fenders, etc. take little time after that front clip is installed properly. And yes, that was installed prior to painting as well. But, to reiterate, I'm sure it won't easily go back "in place". They never seem to...

The hood and fenders are painted and ready to install.
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