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Originally Posted by mickeyc View Post
Hello Mick here. I am doing some repair and refurbish type work on a 31 Coupe.
The car has what I think is the original paint in place. The paint is the copra drab and chicle drab combination. I need a quart or so of each shade to effect some touch up work on the existing paint. I have been unable to
find a supplier of these colors. I am not very familiar with paint work and
am thinking I may have to have paint custom mixed? Any suggestions or
information where to obtain some of this paint would be much appreciated.
Hi Mick-

Congratulations on having a car with original factory paint. You belong to an exclusive club. I understand that someone did some nasty things to your paint in some small areas, so I understand your desire to fix those spots.

I'm not sure what your plans are for the car. Most folks think there are two camps...Restore, and Rod. But there is a third camp, its called Preserve.

Most car shows today and high dollar collectors (Leno for example) have a special area for unrestored cars.

I encourage you to consider keeping your car as original as possible; that is to say...'untouched', and especially the paint. Its original only once.

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