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Default Re: Interpreting Compression Test Results

I was taught not to worry about compression readings unless there was a difference of 15 psi or more between cylinders. Your hot engine readings are great, and since that is the way the engine normally runs, be happy. As for the valves, if you can take your A out and coast down a steep hill in second gear and not have any back-firing be happy.

Iíve learned over the years that the best way to find out if the bottom end needs work is to install a new or rebuilt head. In your case with the higher compression head, youíve possibly magnified any lower end problems.

My suggestion is to get the A running smoothly and drive it awhile to get used to the new head and the change in performance. You might find out that you are reacting to the change caused by the new head and not actually something being wrong. Good luck.

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