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Default Re: Interpreting Compression Test Results

Originally Posted by Stage1gs View Post
I am in agreement with the bad rings, will do the leakdown test today to check the valves. Does the engine have to be hot to do a leakdown test, or can you do it cold?

Wet/dry and leak down tell you the same thing,whether a potential issue is valve or ring related. any increase on the wet side of the wet dry test preclude a burnt valve being the issue,generally valve issues dont respond to the oil.When you installed the new head did you inspect the cylinder bores? piston clearance in bore? ridge on bore?Now might be a good time to freshen it up,check the rod and main bearings,hone and install new rings and lap the can do it with the engine in frame.Its a good time to set the rod and main bearings,when the valves and piston assemblies are out.makes getting a good bearing 'feel' easy.
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