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FYI: I struggled many times trying to get a hard brake pedal. Finally purchased a MityVac vacuum bleeder. It never worked very well and always sucked air past the bleeder screw so you couldn't tell what was going on. I gave up on it this last time after many hours trying to get a good bleed. I then purchased a pressure bleeder by Motive. I had a little trouble getting it to seal on the MC but once it fit tight it worked incredibly well. Pumped it up and was able to bleed all 4 cylinders on the one pressurization. Super fast and its very easy to tell when the air is purged since there are no bubbles except those in the brake line. You need the pump and an adaptor for what ever MC you have. You can even build your own as seen on utube

PS: I figured I'd spent the money and I would end up saving it by bleeding the brakes more often thus preventing damage to the brake system.

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