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Default Re: Marvel's Mystery Oil

WOW! What's this thread about? MMO or Californicate? Personally, I love both of them. I like the story of the tractor because I had a similar story, only about a Allis-Chalmers 1938 mod B. Great little machine! It was stuck and MMO freed it up. Cali? Now that another story. My daughter used to live in Laguna Hills, houses on Postage stamp sized lots that cost too much. Too much Spanish spoken! Traffic on the 5, the 110, the 101, etc. Too many people everywhere! YIIIIKEES But the worst is too many liberal politicians. Too many taxes! Too many "Do gooders" Too many anti pollution laws Am I an old angry white guy? You bet! Because as goes California, so goes the nation and that means the insanity is coming here next!
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