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Default Re: Marvel's Mystery Oil

Originally Posted by California Travieso View Post
I don't care if you bash California from Zimbabwe, as long as you don't move here. So go ahead, maybe you'll convince a few people not to move here or some more people to move away. Don't know when you lived here but I'm looking at clear blue skies right now.

David Serrano
California definitely has blue skies and cleaner air again. All you have to do is watch an episode of Adam-12 filmed in 1970 and look at the difference today. Back then the sky was all kinda brown and hazy You didn't see any blue.

When I crank up my '69 Mustang the stink about drives you out of the garage. And it is perfectly tuned and all rebuilt. I haven't had a newer car in over 20 years do that. I hate to admit but unleaded fuel and a number of things the Fed made the car makers do, did work.

Calif. is a bit too crowded for me and they have problems like a lot of states do today. The last time I was there I had to laugh at a guy's bumper sticker that read 'Thank you for leaving Orange County. Please take someone with you'
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