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Default Re: babbit tolerance? .000?

In a earlier video he took a tour of rons machine in shandon ohio where they had thier motor rebabited. I looked at there prices pretty reasonable. 240 to have mains poured and cut. I would think he got his info from rons. now there may be a difference between 0 tolerance versus there is no tolerance you need to measure before assembling this engine. if it sticks pull it around the lot till it frees up.

I had stupidly broken a rear main. I got a used one with plan to have the mains rebabited. the used one happened to be worn but for a 10 under crank. So i spent 6-8 hours marking and knifing it. I set to .0015 to match my other mains. Could I have stopped at less as long as it would move? in my cutting it didn't set flat on the block for the first half of the day then it wouldn't move for the longest time.

On shim packs. They were not on every car from the factory but are an aftermarket item? In the catalogs ive seen it stated that the shims are .002 or .003 per leaf? or are the combined shims =.003? how worn would you wait to remove one if they are .003 per leaf? .005? my car has no shims.
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