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Default Re: Flathead city, Gary Howard, Grants Pass, Or

Originally Posted by frnkeore View Post
I'm 20 miles from Flathead City but, I've never been there.

I was talking to a guy, yesterday that has a small speed shop and deals about 50% in FH's. He sold FC about 5 engines, this year and I brought up these issues with him.

He seemed surprised to hear it and didn't offer any excuses for the guy. Next time I'm in GP, I'll stop by, look around the shop and see if I can start a conversation with him and report back. That may take up to 2 weeks though as I don't go to GP often. I won't bring up anything about this thread but, will try to get a since of what kind of guy he is and the health of his business.


Did you ever get a chance to drop by and see him? 20 miles ain't much. If I was that close, I'd stop in, just out of idle curiosity
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