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Default Re: shavings found in light switch body

As I tried to write before being logged out, as usual there are several resolutions to one issue.

So I take it I have a Type H contact but a twolight plate.

I bought a new twolight harness and switch body from Snyder so I can go that route but will not be authentic to my ’28. I like to try and keep some things “authentic” to the ’28 but I am not a stickler. This car is a driver

The install instructions from Snyder tells me to make at least three manual mods I have to do to burger their repo to “maybe” work. I had to use a crow bar to even open the damned switch body they sent me.
Why do they sell things that MIGHT work?

I have heard Sacramento Vintage mentioned at least twice now and once by Tom W. So that’s good enough for me. I will try to get the harness and the switch body from them and make the CRAZY assumption that the two will fit? Can I make that assumption?

In the meantime I can sit on my Type H contact and keep a chameleon’s eye out for the other half of my Type H and the hope to make the light switch “authentic’ down the road.

While waiting for the new parts to hook up the lights, I am going to be bold and start hooking up all the other new wiring I bought to replace the old hacked up crap that actually runs the engine.

I am assuming I can wire up the rest of the system, i.e. terminal connections, ammeter, ignition switch, whip cable etc, etc, etc that it will run without the light harness?

Thanks again for all your great input!!!

1928 Sport Coupe
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