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Originally Posted by 5lugnuts View Post
Today Islip Speedway is residental and industrial with a cookie factory I think. It was famous for the demolition derby race, last car moving wins. Also, the figure eight race and a separate drag strip (1/8 mile). I was lucky enough to attend all the events at one time or another. All gone now.

It was an air port before it was a racetrack. The name at that time was Islip Airport but no relation to the Islip Airport of today which during WW II was named after Gen. Douglas McArthur. The airport was for only Military use at the time and latter used privately before it became what it is today (Commercial, Southwest Airlines). There is still military use there for Helicopters (rescue) and Army Reserves.


Lawrence Auto Wreckers is now vacant land, still owned by the original Lawrence family of record. Over 28,000 owed in back taxes and the EPA closing in the last I heard a few years back.

Cant imagine the EPA getting involved ,used oil was recycled the correct way,bury it. Summer nights I could hear the modifieds running in my backyard..can remember being in the stands,getting pelted by tire scuff on the first lap.All gone now,Islip was a working class town its been 'gentrified'.
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