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Default Re: Shop led lighting

The helicopter shop I work out of has the HID metal halide type bulbs since the hangar has 18 foot ceilings to be able to lift helicopters off of the trailers. They last around 20,000 hours but we only use them when the weather is dark or on the few overtime occasions that arise. I use a vertical mast hydraulic bucket lift on the rare occasion of having to replace a bulb. I may have to change over to LED if they quit making the HID types and if I do, I'll get rid of the big clunky ballasts and wire them direct. They last longer and use less energy but they are kind of expensive. I've been slowly replacing the fluorescent bulbs with LED in the office & overhaul shop fixtures depending on use. It's nice to get rid of the ballasts. They were a pita to replace when they went bad. LEDs light right up too. There is no waiting around on worn out ballasts with the LED types.
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