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Default Re: 35-37 window regulators (PU v Passenger) 39 stsndard generator

Originally Posted by Lawson Cox View Post
I have some regulators I know are 35-37 but the "arms" are of different lengths. I believe the longer ones are PU and the shorter are sedan. 6 3/4 vs 7 5/8 center to center, pivot point and center of lug at end of arm. Can you help? Also what is a rebuilt 39 Standard generator worth, script vs non script

Many years ago I restored a '37 Ford pickup, during the process I bought and parted out five trucks. I still have several parts in my garage from the '37 project. I know that I have some '37 window regulators, I checked out my parts and found a pair of '37 trk regulators. They are marked as being 37 Ford trk..
I'll take a couple of pix of a regulator and post it to this tread..
Bill.... 36 5 win cpe
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