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Default Re: Terriable backfiring

Originally Posted by Cape Codder View Post
steve s - Well you will be happy because I checked for fuel flow!!! It was fine. I also checked the filter in the front of the carburetor. Nothing there either. I'm on another mission trying to get head off but when that is done I will be opening the carburetor up.

After doing a compression check and finding #3 was low I did a leak down test and I could hear air coming from #4 but when I reversed the process the air coming from #3 was not as great as what came from #4. My conclusion is the head gasket is blown so I am trying to remove the head. I don't think it has anything to do with the backfiring.

BUT my question is if the head gasket is blown why did #4 show 60lb. while #3 had only 48lb.
Were you able to tell where the air was leaking? Intake Manifold, Exhaust Manifold, Crankcase, etc? - this info would help with diagnosing the issue.

Sorry did not read this thoroughly enough - seems you saying the leak is between cylinders. Is it possible with a slight leak the gap/break in the gasket opens, but in the other direction moves back and provides a seal? Just a guess, do not know if this is possible.

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